Success Stories

These are real testimonials from households who have adopted from the Animal Rescue and Care Fund!

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Beautiful Eartha was found with her newborn babies on a street corner in Eastern Oregon. Our friends at Cat Utopia in Pendleton rescued her there and asked for our help. Her life had obviously been rough and tumble up to that point, but Eartha was a very good mama for being just a teenager herself and could not have been any sweeter. Once her kittens didn’t need her anymore, she began to luxuriate in her new life of leisure. She deserved the perfect home where she could enjoy the carefree kittenhood she had missed. Continue reading “Eartha”

King Bertram Echbert III (formerly Bert)


As much as we love to see the kittens settled and happy in their new homes, nothing warms the heart like seeing our more “experienced” clients find the loving retirement homes they all deserve. Bert came to us about a year ago when he was trapped with a colony of community cats we helped. He was just a rack of bones with a big tomcat head and his eyes were continually weepy and almost permanently closed by a painful condition called entropion. Continue reading “King Bertram Echbert III (formerly Bert)”

Valentina (formerly Simone)


After her kittens were all adopted, Simone was ready to leave mom life behind and live as a pampered princess in a home of her own. Soon Michelle came to meet her, and just like in a fairy tale, Simone’s dream came true! Her new name is Valentina:

Continue reading “Valentina (formerly Simone)”

Tommy & Charlie


These beautiful kittens were being advertised online by their people who were moving to Texas and didn’t want to bring them along. They turned out to be soft as cotton balls and sweet as cotton candy. About that time, Amy Scott sent us an application looking for a pair of kittens for her young family. We invited them to come meet these gorgeous young siblings. It was love at first sight—no surprise! Continue reading “Tommy & Charlie”

Violet & Velda - Adopted!


Last summer, we were contacted by our rescue friend Jody who is dedicated to helping cats in her Willamette Valley community. She had seen an ad online placed by a woman who was trying to find new homes for numerous cats, kittens, and puppies. The woman was apparently taking in animals from unknown sources and then giving them away. By the time Jody got there the puppies and some of the cats were already gone, but she was able to rescue three young cats; a pair of adolescent “cow kitten” sisters, and a young adult female with Siamese-y blue eyes. Continue reading “Violet & Velda”

Lola - Adopted!


After spending some time with Lola, we understood why she might have knocked over the TV (see this post); she’s very smart and curious, and we thought she would do best with a feline companion to keep her little mind and body occupied and out of trouble. Because of her quite stunning looks, we received many applications to adopt Lola, and we took our time carefully screening potential adopters. Continue reading “Lola”

Finn (formerly Quinn) - Adopted!


Finn was rescued as part of a community cat TNR (trap-neuter-return) project in Clackamas County. There were about sixteen kittens in the group, most not very well socialized. Finn was a bit timid, but he showed interest in making friends with us. He was a bit older than our usual “boot camp” recruits, but winter was coming on and we had a little extra room, so we decided to give him a chance. Continue reading “Finn (formerly Quinn)”

Leroy & Fia (formerly Schroeder & Sylvia) - Adopted!


We heard about ARCF from a fellow Aurora Chorus member, who spoke highly of you! We came to meet the four “S” kittens in January and our hearts were won over. It was hard to choose two since all four were friendly, adorable, and loved each other so much. Continue reading “Leroy & Fia (formerly Schroeder & Sylvia)”

Chester - Adopted!

Kavi and Chester

Chester was surrendered to the county animal shelter as an unwanted stray, estimated to be seven years old. He was a little beat up from living on the street and had a bad respiratory infection, but he had the typical orange tabby personality: easygoing, mellow, and sweet. Continue reading “Chester”

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