How We Help

We are a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization based in Portland, Oregon. We are funded solely by donations and operated by dedicated volunteers. All donations go exclusively towards veterinary care, food, advertising, and for publishing our newsletter, Animal Talk.

ARCF is a rescue organization only. We do not accept owner-surrendered animals. We support local spay/neuter programs, rescuing animals from desperate situations, and reducing the stray animal overpopulation.

All of our animals live with volunteers in a home where we evaluate them to see how they interact with people and other animals. Knowing these personality traits before adoption helps you choose the best pet for your home and helps us choose the best homes for our animals.

When you adopt a pet from ARCF, you receive your new pet’s veterinary records showing what tests, vaccinations, neutering, or other veterinary care it has received. We also provide informative literature and some basic supplies.

Our adoption fees range from $50 to $100, based on the cat’s age. When adopting a pair, the adoption fee for the second cat is half the original fee.

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