Success Story


Chester was surrendered to the county animal shelter as an unwanted stray, estimated to be seven years old. He was a little beat up from living on the street and had a bad respiratory infection, but he had the typical orange tabby personality: easygoing, mellow, and sweet. Our help was requested to foster and place him, since the shelter is no place for a cat with a cold. Once he felt better, Chester made friends with all the critters in his foster home, including cats, dogs, big people, and small people. Soon after, we heard from a friend that Jessica and Casey were looking for a mature, friendly cat to join their household of two big people, one dog, one cat, and one rambunctious toddler.

When our beloved Zoe dog passed away this past January, we knew we couldn’t replace her but we felt like our home needed another furry friend. We needed to find a companion animal who could not only tolerate our busy toddler boy, but also our high-energy dog. We were put in touch with Carma at ARCF, and right away she mentioned that Chester, a beautiful orange cat, might be a good fit. She was right. Chester has been the perfect addition to our family. He’s a go-with-the-flow type of guy who enjoys belly rubs, getting hugs from our son, and sleeping by our sides. He’s become buddies with our other kitty, Mollie, and we’re glad that she now has a friend to play with. We feel lucky and grateful to have been matched with Chester.

Thank you, ARCF!


Published on October 11, 2015

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